Sunday, July 13, 2014

Strong Future International - Do You 'GET IT'

If you are not already a member of this affiliate program then this article may not mean much to you and if you are not then you should be.

In my opinion, this is one of the best affiliate opportunities available in the world today and i have been involved since 2006. That is why you will see references to it several times on this site because i believe in it and i want you to believe in it as well.

If you are not involved then you can click HERE and sign up, WHY NOT, it's completely free to join and take advantage of all the free resources and the fantastic training and support that you get.

If you are already a member then read on :-    

                                       What is 'DUPLICATION' 

I am often asked about DUPLICATION, what is it, how do we use it, do we 'have' to use it. Well, all I can say is that in my opinion, DUPLICATION is the key to success with SFI WHY ? Simply put, if you are an EA now or maybe an EA2 or higher then it is probably achieved because you ‘GET IT’.

Get what ? , you get what SFI is about and understand how the SFI Basics work, how the LAUNCHPAD works. How there are dozens of different ways to advertise the opportunity to your friends and family or to your community, your country or anywhere in the world – it’s your choice.

You will have set up or are thinking of setting up a Standing Order to get say 125 Triple Click points or any product or combination of products which will give you 1500 VP’s and guarantees your EA status every month. All the benefits of the compensation plan are based on that one simple factor – get to EA and stay there !!

You understand the value of the S-Builder Co-Op in recruitment, the TripleClicks store, the products, the auctions, the games, the training resources etc etc, the list goes on. You understand that if you can encourage 5 other people to become EA’s who in turn can do the same with 5 EA’s of their own then you are well on your way to becoming a successful Internet Marketer with SFI up to 12 levels down.

No-one can force you to ‘GET IT’ but when you do, it becomes much easier to explain to others that it works and it can work for them. Nothing worthwhile happens overnight unless you win the lottery and the best way to convince someone that this works is to lead by example and do everything yourself that you would like others to do. This is ‘DUPLICATION’ and you ‘GET IT’ If you have found this short article of value then please leave a comment


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