Monday, September 17, 2012

Home Business Income-Writing Effective Blog Articles

The title of this article is Home Business Income-writing effective blog articles because this is a must for marketing your business on the Internet. This article will show you the essential skills to make your website rank higher with the search engines. These are just some of the great skills you can learn at the Affiliate Power Group which you can learn by going HERE.

Decide which niche market you are aiming for then think of keyword or phrase that best describes your business, then enter it in the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. In the column down the left side tick ‘exact’ and untick ‘broad’ then search. This shows you hundreds of phrases related to your search term. Click on download and choose the .csv option from the drop down menu which will save all these phrases to your PC. Pick a phrase with a global monthly search of say 300 or less, it is better to rank highly for a phrase with a monthly search of even 100 than to try for a very high number search term with lots of competition which will result in zero traffic.

If you are new to Internet Marketing for Home Business Income, writing effective blog articles can be from 400-600 words long. Use a different keyword phrase from your search list for each new article, this goes in the title of your article as well as the beginning, middle and end, also make one of the references stand out in bold, underlined or in italics etc. It is a good idea to write your article in Word first so you can easily spell and grammar check it until you are happy then paste the article into something like Notepad and then copy and paste the whole article from there onto your website, there will less problems with html this way.

You can use your article to link to an affiliate opportunity or another site that you are promoting as long as it is in the same niche. Make sure the link opens in a new window and don’t send your visitors off to a site that has nothing to do with your niche, this will not go down well. Sign up to ‘OnlyWire’ for free and you can link all your articles every time you post fresh content. To create a lasting Home Business Income, writing effective blog articles is just one of the skills you can learn by clicking HERE.

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Mal Tindle is the owner of Work From Home Gems and is an enthusiastic Internet Marketer and article writer.  To find the support you need, go to the affiliate power group and for more of the best home business ideas so you can make money on the Internet and work from home visit: Work From Home Gems --------------------------------------------------------

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