Friday, September 07, 2012

Can Social Networking Cost You A Job ?

Can social networking cost you a job?, well in my research for more knowledge on social networking in general, I came across this article by Susan M. Heathfield titled ‘Use Social Media Sites-Carefully’. It is about how employers can use these sites to recruit. Are we even aware that this practise is out there? Should we be judged on information we give out on social network sites. Here is a shortened version highlighting the main points of the article which I think will surprise you.
Professional and even personal, online networking sites are popular places to search for employees and build qualified pools of candidates. I've written about how to recruit employees on Facebook. It's a definite option as more and more professionals maintain contact with family, friends, and colleagues on Facebook. My first choice for professional networking and recruiting employees remains LinkedIn. Refer to your LinkedIn profile when networking, using an email signature, sending job application credentials, or from your personal website or blog, if you have one. Facebook is becoming a popular recruiting tool, too. And, with a user base that is larger than the population of the United States, Facebook has tremendous potential to transform recruiting. As social media networking and recruiting grow in popularity, employers need to use social media sites with care, especially as a means of background checking and learning more about a prospective employee. Employees, too, need to use social media sites with care. If you're job searching, you don't want to eliminate yourself as a candidate because of information you posted on Facebook. Time will tell, but I expect that the world of social media will grow more and more complicated for employers - and employees.
My opinion is that traditional methods of recruitment are fine and there is no need for what I would call snooping to make a judgement. Do we really want potential employers to judge us on what we say on these sites? Many people, not just youngsters tend to use social network sites to make unguarded comments when they are relaxed and out for the evening. I personally think to check on peoples social networking sites is a totally unnecessary way to judge someone and is an intrusion on our privacy. You can read the whole article here and judge for yourself:- What do you think; please let us know and leave a comment on your thoughts for or against.

can social networking cost you a job

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