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Affiliate Power Group Review

This Affiliate Power Group Review will give my opinion of the opportunity that membership provides based on my time as a member and an affiliate. This article will provide information on the services provided, what it is and what it does and will conclude with my own personal opinion

Who are the Affiliate Power Group?

The Affiliate Power Group (or APG) are a mentoring group of four successful full time Internet marketers who offer their support, experience and guidance to the membership and are available to help at all times primarily because they are based in different countries and time zones.

What do you get with your membership?

In this Affiliate Power Group Review, it is difficult to know where to start. The resources, support and training are exceptional and can be a bit bewildering for the new starter as there is so much to take in but this is for your own good. Starting and developing an Internet business is not easy and the APG go to great lengths to ensure that you are trained effectively and given professional tools and guidance in how to increase traffic and sales on your website.

There is a comprehensive 12 week traffic plan which should be followed closely. There are regular product reviews, promotions, free articles and e-books which you can use as promotional gifts as well as competitions which are run occasionally to increase learning and to keep members focused and engaged. On top of this, there is a huge learning centre which gives guidance on every aspect of developing your business, many of which are supported by easy to follow videos. A feature I like is the site plan on the main page which has the benefit of saving you time by getting you straight to the topic you are looking for.


A 10 day trial cots just $1. After which it is $39.95 per month or $109.95 per quarter. Best value is an annual payment of $297.00 which represents a saving of 38%.

Pros and Cons

On the negative side there is very little to be negative about except maybe the cost which could be a problem for new starters on a tight budget. Maybe the cost will have the benefit of discouraging time wasters who would maybe abuse the valuable time of the mentors if it was a cheap service.

On a positive note, the cost of the membership is totally overshadowed by the shear volume of training and resource material not to mention the full time access you get to the mentors who are very friendly and supportive and are very patient with all members at various levels of experience. There is also an active forum where members and mentors meet and discuss various issues and ask questions relating to their business.


In this Affiliate Power Group Review I have given a personal view based on my experience of the APG as a member and affiliate for two years. In conclusion I can thoroughly recommend this service to anyone who is serious about learning the skills required to become an effective Internet marketer and the support, resources and training are like nothing else I have ever seen. If nothing else, I would urge you to take the 10 day trial by clicking HERE to get started.

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Affiliate Power Group Review


About the Author:
Mal Tindle is the owner of Work From Home Gems and is an enthusiastic Internet Marketer and article writer.  To find the support you need, go to the affiliate power group and for more of the best home business ideas so you can make money on the Internet and work from home visit: Work From Home Gems

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