Monday, July 25, 2011

A Great Challenge For All Affiliate Marketers

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Have you ever watched the Olympics?
...any olympics, doesn't matter.

Probably yes...most people have.

Have you ever stopped and considered this?

How do these super-stars accomplish these amazing feats?

You might say PRACTICE...right? Yes, of course....that's definitely 'how' they accomplish it, but let's think deeper for a second...

'WHY' do they do it?


'WHY' do all that hard work?

Let me ask you another question.......

Do you think anyone of those Olympians would show up for practice if they knew there would *NEVER* be a competition?

Can you imagine anyone PUSHING themselves to their extreme limits to accomplish these amazing feats *IF* they never competed against someone?


It would never happen.

The main reason these athletes practice like mad dogs is because they want to WIN against the COMPETITION!

BINGO...that's it!

COMPETITION is the keyword!

Most people don't give it a second thought...but competition is ultimately what DRIVES the world.

Think about it...

Competition makes people *PUSH* themselves beyond their own beliefs...beyond what they ever thought to be possible...

Organized competition combined with a common goal naturally creates a path to personal success.

(read that's important that you understand that)

--Competitions are fun and entertaining
--Competitions naturally PUSH people to their limits.
--Competitions inspire people to be their best!
--Competitions drive people to FOCUS, and PRACTICE.
--Competitions naturally create roads to success
--Competitions are what make our world a better place to live!
--Competitions automatically turn work into play.

Competitions are the engine to success...and they work wonders in helping people reach new levels of success...


Why am I telling you all this?

Well....because something really cool is brewing...

On August 1st, 2011 (a few days from now)....a group called the Affiliate Power Group is launching a 4 week competition for affiliate marketers...

This competition is specifically geared to teach people HOW TO BLOG....and how to make money doing it.

(I'm a member of this group, and I cannot say enough good things about them...and what they are doing to help people make money online....they are 100% honest and are helping people out of the goodness of their heart.)

But I digress...

This group created an amazing fun private learning center where anyone interested in Affiliate Marketing can learn the skills needed in a fun challenging competition...

And the cool thing is...they do a UNIQUE competition about every 3 months or's fun, entertaining, and EDUCATIONAL.



I'm talking HUGE value prizes....including cold hard CASH.

The top 7 people get a's really should really join the group and check it out for yourself.

Like I said, I've been a member of this group for some time now, and I can't recommend them highly enough.

I'd recommend that you join APG so that you can register in the COMPETITION and be ready to rock your blog by August 1st.

If you don't have a worries, these guys have all kinds of options to get you setup and running within a few days...

You can join for only $1 for a 10 day trial:

P.S. You really have nothing to's only $1 to check it out and you have a full 10 days to check it all out before you make a decision....

Remember, the competition starts on August the sooner you get in there, the you can get registered and prepared for the competition.

About the Author:
Mal Tindle is the owner of Work From Home Gems and is an enthusiastic Internet Marketer and article writer.  To find the support you need, go to the affiliate power group and for more of the best home business ideas so you can make money on the Internet and work from home visit:

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