Monday, September 21, 2009

Not Making Money Online, Why Is It So Hard?

It can be summed in one word why it is so hard for people to make money on the internet.


Well maybe I should say three words---Internet Marketing Skills!

Forget all the other things about choosing a niche,finding the right product,hiring a copywriter or setting goals, although these are all part of internet marketing.

What I am talking about are the same skills other business in the world struggles with. You need prospects, website visitors, traffic… etc.

This is why people do not make money online. Not enough eyes looking at their sites everyday.

This should create a 'DUH" moment for you.

If it takes eyes on your site to make money how do you do that?

99% of all internet home business ideas fail because of lack of traffic. That is the hard part. That is what you are going to get paid to do.

You should and must develop internet marketing skills and become a professional internet marketer. At the very least you should be professional enough to get people to stop by your website and see what you have to offer.

First and foremost you should learn how to get traffic. Once you do that the other things fall into place.

I see websites that look rubbish but because of the shear tarffic the owner is probably sitting in Hawaii drinking on the beach and laughing all the way to the bank.

You can perhaps have similar success with your home business but only when you develop internet marketing skills.

And specifically this...

Develop skills on how to generate traffic and you will make money online too. If not then it will be a struggle for you.

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Walt Gemmell said...

Hi Mal,

Sometimes the phrase, Internet Marketing, after awhile become misunderstood. In its simplest form I guess it is using the Internet to advertise and promote your online business.

IM takes on many forms such as blogiing, writing and submitting articles and classified advertising just to name a few.

Your article is a timely reminder of how important Internet Marketing is to the success of an online business.

Walt Gemmell

Linda said...

Getting traffic is the hardest skill to learn and one area where we all struggle a little.
Being patient, do tasks daily such as blogging, writing articles etc and if you have the cash, place an ad. With time, patience and lots of work you get the traffic eventually.

holm303 said...

Hi Mal,
You have hit the nail on the head.
Internet marketing is all about traffic. Marketing skills are probably one of the hardest things to learn,but with blogging,article marketing, dilegence and perseverence it will pay off in time.


Michelle said...

Hi Mal

Thanks for a great post. It is true also that many people who start an internet business think that all they need to do is get a website add some products and money will start pouring in. The truth is that it takes hard work and dedication to build a successful internet business.

Michelle Jayes / Online Income Opportunities

khaony said...

Hi Mal,
Internet business do needs some skills to be successful and one of the hardest skill is how to get traffics. No traffic means no money. That's why "not making money" and why it's so hard. Good post.

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