Saturday, September 12, 2009

How Many PIPS Programs Should You Upgrade In

A question very oftem asked regarding the Plug-in Profit Site is how many programs should you upgrade in? What makes the Plug-in Profit Site unique is that it entails several affiliate or network marketing programs within the PIPS affiliate program itself.

Many people who have home business ideas start out with their own Plug-in Profit Site but find that they are strapped for cash. This is the primary reason for them trying to make money online in the first place. It is a big financial hardship to upgrade in all the programs.

If you only have a small advertising budget, it can be difficult to decide where best to spend it after reading Stone Evans "30 Days To Success". He pushes for people to buy into his co-op advertising program when in reality that may not be the best option for everyone to do.

A simple way to decide whether you should upgrade in a program or not is to ask yourself if you can afford to spend money straight away from the start. It is never a good idea to invest money into a program if you cannot afford to do so.

A common mistake people make when starting a home business is thinking they need to spend money because that's what it takes to be successful. In reality there are many free ways you can develop success online if you are strapped for cash.

For certain, you have to maintain a hosting account for your website and you should upgrade your autoresponder as well. These are the two main business tools that are necessary for you to develop an ongoing income.

When you become more established with your home business then you can think about reinvesting some of your profits into upgrading your favorite program and build your business from that point on.

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Walt Gemmell said...

Hi Mal,

This is very good advice and espacially for newbies.It's so easy to think you have to invest in every program before considering your budget and the value of the program.