Monday, February 02, 2009

Want A Home Business? Be Ready For These Challenges…and More!

If you want to start out and make money working from home, the old adage that you should look before you leap makes sense. The Internet has opened up a big loophole for scams of all kinds to prosper, partly due to technology making it possible for scammers to work anonymously. You cannot be sure if someone is who they say they are, because you probably have no way of proving it.

A simple common-sense rule when you are being pitched with an easy money pitch is that if the deal seems too good to be true, most likely it is just that. Therefore, you should be careful, ask yourself who on earth can pay you $4000 a day for doing what seems like simple tasks. Furthermore, why should you pay an employer to work for them? It beats logic, doesn’t it?

A home business may just be a genuine challenge and have no relation to a scam. How do you, for example, deal with a relative or a demanding child who thinks that you are there for them just because you are at home? You may also have the added responsibility of organizing your time and slotting in the household chores in your overall schedule? These two are real challenges because they might mean you are being distracted from your work, yet they are essential elements of your life.

Sometimes when you are working from home you may find that your computer or your Internet connection fails. Perhaps at the same time, you really had some urgent work to go to a client. This may lead to a mental strain and stress when you have to stare helplessly at a machine or some gadget whose repair you are not qualified to handle.

Another common challenge comes in over-working yourself. Most home-workers give too much of their energy and time to work, sometimes isolating themselves socially. There is simply too much urge to do more and consequently, earn more.
There may also be a problem when it comes to setting boundaries. Just what is the boundary between ‘home’ and ‘work’? When can you say you are at home tending to your child(ren) or at work? The problem is with a work from home business, many things are bound to happen around you. Like a child crying for your attention and you can't tell them to go away.

Furthermore, talking of children, childcare has been shown to be one major challenge for those working at home. For some reason, most mothers (and increasingly, fathers) who say they want to give their children more time, work when these children are asleep.

A home business can be fun, yet immensely challenging. The best anyone can do is to learn to expect these challenges and devise ways to surmount them when they rear their heads. You will be lucky you did expect it next time a problem arises during your home ‘office hours’.

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