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Your Home Business Constant Success Formula

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Over recent years I must have read hundreds of books about success, personal growth, self-help, motivation and so on. I know most of the authors and can tell you about dozens of success systems. But the day I came across the thoughts of Tony Robbins was the day that changed my life forever. I have never met Tony Robbins personally and would love to meet him one day, but I have met his books and his success system.

If you are running a home business or are looking at ways to make money working from home then I suppose you may already know about Tony Robbins. He is the father of motivation, the guru of personal coaching and the most famous infopreneur in the world.

His books include "Awaken the Giant Within" and "Unlimited Power" which are mega bestsellers all over the world. His audio course and seminar "Personal Power" has made 25 million sales worldwide and is the most popular self-growth seminar available today.

In researching the best home business ideas I have come across him a lot and have learned much from his books and courses, but the work that had the biggest effect on me was "The Ultimate Success Formula". This is a four-step sequence of actions you have to take.

If you apply these, you will achieve success in everything you set out to do. You can test the formula for your big goals such as earn $ 10,000 per month, or for every day goals like lose 8 lbs in two weeks on a diet.

Here is the formula I hope will change your life for good.

Step 1: Goal (Outcome)
When you start, you should identify what is your goal, your outcome, what you want to achieve. You should know precisely what you want. Your goal has to contain three important components:
Desired outcome. What is it you want? -
Deadline. When do you want to achieve it? -
Success conditions. How will you know when you have achieved the goal?

Step 2: Action
Take action towards your goal. Prepare a plan and do something every day to get closer to your goal.

Step 3: Results
While you are taking these actions to achieve your goal, you must monitor the results. Check that you know the result of every action you take and check if it moves you towards the goal or further away from it.

Step 4: Adaptation
After you have evaluated the results from the previous step, you should keep this course of action. Or you might need to completely change your strategy in order to move towards your goal with every step you make.

Here is a typical example about the application of this simple but powerful success formula. Let’s say you want to get more traffic to your blog. The formula may be applied like this

1. Your Goal: I want to achieve 1000 daily unique visitors (desired outcome) in 3 months from now (deadline). I will know that I have achieved this goal by checking my stats counter.

2. Your Action: Prepare a marketing plan and daily writing plan. Comment in blogs, post in forums, make SEO, etc. Do it daily.

3. Results: Check the results in your stats account and monitor the traffic results, up or down. Check if anything has changed?

4. Adaptation: If traffic goes up - then you are achieving success, continue with your actions. If traffic goes down - analyze the reasons, research and make changes in your plan and in your actions. If your traffic has no change - maybe you should persist with the current plan and perform current actions until you achieve some change.

If you are maybe starting a home business then The Ultimate Success Formula could be applied in every part of your business and your life. If you use it and stick with it then you have nothing to lose and all to gain. Sooner or later you will achieve the success you seek.

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