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This month I am changing tack and am excited to share what in my opinion is one of the greatest work from home money making opportunities I have found. It is called Ipas2 and is the brainchild of Chris Jones and partner. If I had to give it a name then I would call it a franchise but don’t let that put you off .

The Internet Prospect Acceleration System was born and conceptualized out of sheer lack and pure luxury – the ‘all-in-one’ necessity was never able…UNTIL NOW. iPAS 2 comes with an incredible 100% risk free opportunity to test-drive the system all for yourself. I Have been involved in internet marketing for several years now years now and consider myself scam proof after investigating so many get rich quick schemes and gave this a thorough once over before compiling this report.

Ok So what happens first. All you have to do is visit the splash page and leave your email address and the rest is straight forward, pretty routine stuff, nothing to lose, no commitment just leave your contact email address as you can see HERE. You are then directed to the main sales page and again, no commitment, just watch the video which seems endless but stay with it.

Unfortunately you have to endure a none stop sales pitch or death by video as it has become nowadays but stick with it till the end, it’s worth it because what they have to say is enough to keep your attention, The subsequent support tools are very good and the website is well set out to help you to maximise this opportunity

Te basic cost to get started is $47 dollars but as you watch the videos and the support available then this doesn’t seem too bad a deal. If you want to go for the PRO package with extra rewards and training aids the you will need to invest a $97.

After the pro (or bronze level) there are, silver and gold packages based on a sliding scale of cost against sales tools leading up to what they call the black CARD membership which is promoted constantly as the target for all members who really want to be seriously wealthy but don’t be in any hurry to upgrade until you know what you are doing and more importantly what you are getting. The whole business is based on you getting as much traffic as you can into your sales funnel in the hope that a percentage of those who look at the opportunity and sign up for the $47 basic package will give you a commission of $20 for every sign up and a higher commission for every upgrade they make thru the various levels. The Support thru the training pages I found to be very good and easy to follow.

Like MANY other schemes of this kind you will hear about the traffic funnel which is the clue to the whole thing. You are given lots of good advice on traffic generation (with examples) into your sales funnel by using your own website or blog, Craigslist, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest to name just a few. • A truly engaging, professional sales position without long hours or extensive travel • Flexible schedule, right from your home • In this position, you’ll be assigned a personal concierge/mentor to help you convert leads to high ticket sales in which YOU earn generous 70% commissions. • No-cap commission structure – our success is your success! • A proven product with many reference accounts and happy customers. • Ongoing marketing training and support • An organization that you’ll be proud to be a part of!


Go with the basic package and absorb all the training which is very good and very convincing as are the countless reviews by existing members who are making a lot of money. If you can afford any of the packages, are willing to absorb all the training and do everything you Are told to do and be disciplined every single day to commit to getting sign ups then good money can indeed be made from this opportunity. If you are ready to watch the main opportunity sales video then you can see for yourself HERE If this short article has been of value or if you would like to share your experience of IPAS2 then please leave a comment. This may be a useful addition to your traffic building, at the time of writing, click HERE for alink to traffic hoopla which gives up to date information on the top 10 performing traffic exchanges, just click on each of them and open a free account,

To your success

Mal Tindle

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