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Real Work From Home Jobs – Where Do I Start

Real Work From Home Jobs

Millions of people all over the world are struggling because of the financial recession and are now asking themselves where can I find real work from home jobs – how do I start. In this article I will try and give some advice and links to help you. I have divided the process into three stages followed by some advice on how to build your business after start up.

1) Choosing a Domain Name

2) Registering your site

3) Hosting your site

I have written an article on how to do this HERE.

After your basic start up you need to concentrate on two primary actions and you can forget the rest until you do these.

Firstly you have to make your site content interesting and useful enough to keep your visitors there and not just lose interest within seconds and leave, this usually means you have lost them for good.

Keep your visitors interested and they will explore your site and hopefully sign up to what you are offering and then bang !!! you have a sale or maybe a sign up to learn more, then you have a lead which you can explore later.. It doesn’t stop there because if they like your product or service enough, they will bookmark your site and come back, this is great business because it can become residual income.

Secondly, you have to drive traffic to your site because traffic is the life blood of your business. The best looking site with the best content is worthless if no-one is looking at it. What you need to do is harness the power of the search engines so that when someone types in a word or a sentence that matches you site, they will be linked to you depending on your ranking.

Let me explain, if someone types into Google or Yahoo etc something like ‘where can I buy pet food’ then depending on your page rank and your keywords they will see your site in their results. If you sell pet food on your site then great or you may have a link on your site to a company that does sell it. This is what you call affiliate marketing which is very popular because you get commissions on whatever that customer buys and you only have to send them there to get paid.

Ok, so far so good, you were looking for real work from home jobs and you need to know how to get started, well you are half way there. I mentioned page rank and keywords and this can be a bit bewildering at first but read on and I will explain.

You may have heard of SEO or search engine optimisation, well this is a skill that you need to learn and relates to how your site is set up and how many times your keywords are mentioned on the site. Say for example your keywords are ‘pet food’ ‘pet food for dogs’ ‘pet food for cats’ or whatever, as many as you like. If someone anywhere in the world searches on any of your keywords they will be directed to your site in the results page. The hard work on your part is to make sure that your sites PR or page rank improves steadily until you are ranked high by the search engines.

To start to create income you must aim to get to page 1 or maybe page 2 and this can take a while because you are competing against all the other sires in this niche but don’t be put off. What search engines love is content, fresh content and plenty of it. This can take the form of articles you write about the pet food market, links to other resources and of course backlinks. I have used pet food purely as an example but this applies to anything you are promoting.

When I say backlinks that means if you leave a comment on an article on someone else’s site it will have a link at the bottom and this is a backlink to your site. Joining five or six reputable forums can help again because any comments you make have a link at the bottom which again links back to your website. You need to build up as many backlinks as you can over the years and this can build up to many thousands, the more the better but preferably good quality backlinks from good sites that have a decent page rank.

Advertising you site can take many forms from basic word of mouth, classifieds, newspaper ads or personal recommendations. PPC or pay per click is something you will hear a lot about but quite frankly I would ignore that until you are established.

In this article entitled real work from home jobs - where do I start, I have given a lot of information to help you get started and it’s a lot to take in all at once. If you would like to know more or would prefer to have someone guide you thru the whole process from start to finish then I strongly recommend you take a look at the Affiliate Power Group with no obligation, you won’t regret it.

I have worked with them and received top class advice over the last two or three years and they can save you a lot of time and frustration, so click HERE and take a look for yourself, they can even give you a ready made site of your own all set up within days to start making money.

Real Work From Home Jobs

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