Monday, September 06, 2010

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Small Work From Home Business Ideas

So you want to start a small work from home business.

O.K. Here we go! On the one hand, there is Pro; In Favour:

The number one point in support for small work from home business ideas will be the independence you get from working from home and deciding how and when you want to work. It can be hugely rewarding to work as much or as little as you like without a boss standing over you.

The second positive point is that you can choose your own hours and spend more quality time with your family.

The third positive point is that you save on transport costs and don't have the daily grind of traffic jams and delays so the extra time you save can be used on your business. The additional costs of maintaining and running a car can be enormous each year.

The fourth big benefit is that all your hard work benefits your own business and not a company that you work for.

Last but not least, the 5th point of starting a small work from home business is that when you take a break you can walk the dog, go ride your bike or maybe just take a walk around your local community and that can also benefit your business by getting to know your neighbours and eventually even doing some business with them.

And on the other side, for balance, the Con side, against:

The initial point in contra for small work from home business ideas will be the lack of daily contact with your workmates as this is something you have to overcome.

The second point in contra is the financial difficulty that you may experience until your business is established as you will have to have the capital at the outset to allow for this.

The 3rd point in contra will be that you may have to work for many hours by yourself which can be difficult unless you have the character and discipline for this.

A fourth negative point will be in the early years you may have to do without holidays and treats while your business gets established.

And 5th and last, but not necessarily the least, consideration against is that you are taking a big gamble on leaving a salaried job maybe with a pension and you have to be prepared to sacrifice all the perks of a steady job and be prepared to burn your bridges as you may never be able to go back.

That's it, the pros and the cons, the points in favour and the points against.

And so, who won? What are we able to conclude? Is a small work from home business idea something that you have thought of or considered seriously, well maybe the points raised here will prove to be more good than bad? or more bad than good?
Both questions seem to have a "yes" answer!

The reasons behind starting a work from home business for many people appear to be both good AND bad! This is left up to the reader to decide which side, the good or the bad, outweighs the other...

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