Friday, October 16, 2009

Is Your Home Business Fun For You?

Most people like to have fun, nothing wrong with that. Internet Marketing is not fun for various reasons and this can be a problem.

If you have ever tried to build a website, it is not easy, so many people hire someone to build their website or blog for them.

After that they try and make changes to it and several days later give up and quit because it is not easy.

Starting a home business and trying to make money on the Internet is fine but building a web page for some people is a very un-fun thing to do. Even making changes to a web page is hard if you do not know how to do it.

Even with the best home business ideas, the initial anticipation and excitement can be dampened by simply trying to add a banner to a site. This is like poking yourself in the eye with a needle if you can not get it to work.

Even worse is working 20 hours a week for 6 months and making zero, but spending $1K to do it.

Another thing that becomes not fun is working 25 hours a week and getting a check for $5.25 on a $7 report you sold.

This is why niche blogging works so well for so many people. Even if the money is not flowing yet it can still be fun to write about something you enjoy or have a passion for.

If you have a small budget in the early days then maybe you should get a part time job to fund your home business. I say do what you like best and outsource the rest.

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