Saturday, August 22, 2009

What Stops People From Making Money With A Home Business

You can probably boil this down to two main reasons why people do not make money on the Internet today. If you're honest with yourself you will probably agree with me on what really stops people from making money online.

1. Setting up a website for your home business is easy. The hard part even with the best home business ideas is learning the necessary skills to make money on the Internet; this is not an easy thing to do

You can liken it to playing a musical instrument. You may struggle for days or even weeks before you even learn a couple of basic tunes. However, if you stick to it, over time you will become an accomplished player.

Making money online is no different and it takes time to develop the skills it takes to learn how to achieve that.

2. New starters with a home business idea quite often do not have a clear reason why or how they want to make money online. It's very easy to say you want to make an extra $200 - $300 a month, but it's hard to actually do it.

Successful Internet Marketers do not want to make an extra $200 a month. What they want to do is make $200 a month so they can pay off their bills without worry or pay off a loan etc. They want to make an extra $200 a month so they can cover the cost of everyday outgoings without wiping out their paycheck very month.

Having a clear cut reason why you want to make money on the Internet will drive you to do whatever it takes to reach that goal. Set yourself a clear-cut target and post it on a piece of paper in front of your computer where you can read it every day.

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khaony said...

Hi Mal,
Making extra $200 a month is not that hard when you say it but it is really hard when you actually do it. The home business do need skills in order to make money on the internet. Thanks for the post.

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