Saturday, August 01, 2009

Do You Have A Dream List, What Does it Look Like?

Different things motivate us all in different ways when it comes to building an Internet home business of our own. It doesn't matter what your reasons are, you should take the time to make a list and read it every day. In this article let's look at a few things you could put on your dream list, and achieve, by having a successful Internet home business.

1. Even with the best home business ideas a very powerful motivating factor is still a desire to quit your nine to five job and work from home for yourself. When you are making enough money from your Internet business it allows you to do things such as this.

2. Some people might buy a home, or by a second home. If you rent having a successful home business could help you generate the income to purchase your own home. For others purchasing a second home somewhere as a getaway or vacation home could be their dream.

3. Although this might not be a dream, many people would just like to pay off their bills every month. Many people face the fact that they simply do not have enough money, and this can create stress for them. A successful Internet home business can take some of that stress away.

4. Children are expensive and we could all use more money when it comes to providing things for them. There are many more activities available to children these days and for many parents, the cost of these activities can be covereed by an Internet home business income.

5. Having the time and money to travel more might excite us especially when we see pictures of the Caribbean for example or some other exotic location. If you were able to save $1000 a month it would give you $12,000 to take a trip somewhere. You could go almost anywhere in the world for $12,000.

6. There are numerous charitable causes that could benefit from successful home business owners who's dream may be to donate money for meaningful causes.

7. On the other hand, your dream may be to invest your money and retire early. It takes money to invest in real estate or the stock market and a regular job may not generate enough for this so taking some of the Internet home business profits and investing them is a smart thing to do.

There may be many other 'dreams' that you have and these are just seven but the key thing is that you develop a dream list and read it every day. A successful Internet home business requires a lot of hard work and reading your dream list every day will help to motivate you.

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holm303 said...

Hi Mal,
I'll agree. A person should make a list of dreams and check it every day to make sure you are making advances to see those dreams come true.

Computer Work At Home said...

Hi Mal,
If you want your dream to become true, you should have a dream list and work toward that list to make it possible. That's what I've been doing to do to make my dream comes true. Great post.

Computer Work At Home

truby said...

Hello Mal,
very nice blog post! A dream list is something I recommend to everyone. I often read mine to visualize where I am headed to. Thanks for sharing this valuable information with us.


GT said...

Hi, Mal:

Dreams are surely motivating factors in our lives and having a written list of dreams and reasons for starting our home business can really help us focus and stay motivated.

I appreciated the dream list you provided. It helped me recall some of my reasons for focusing and working so hard on my online business!

:-) GT Bulmer
Work From Home

Truby said...

Having a dream list is on of the best tip there is while building your business and future. I have a list that I look at all the time and it helps encourage me to keep going when I feel like giving up sometimes. Thanks for sharing this with us.


GT said...

Hi, Mal:

I am a big believer in the value of lists. Lists help us focus and keep us on track. People with lists tend to accomplish much more, and more of value, than those with no written lists. Thanks for the tips!

:-) GT Bulmer
Web Biz

Michelle said...

You are right Mal everyone has a different dream and reason to start an internet based business, but it is definitely the best way to go to live whatever your dream may be.

Michelle Jayes / Online Income Opportunities

Ros Bott said...

Hi Mal

Great post - it's extremely important to have some motivating dreams that will spur you on to achieve success. Without a dream you have nowhere to go and you will lose interest easily.


Best Home Based Businesses, Damodar Kakule said...

Hi Mal,

Great post. A well planned and thoughtfully written dream list helps you to achieve your dreams in a specified period of time.