Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Starting A Home Business? But Do You Know What You Are Selling

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Internet marketing usually means that you don’t get to meet your customers directly so when you are selling your product you have to try and get into the mind of your customer and see inside their world.

It may seem a strange question to ask but if you have a home business idea and you want to make some money on the Internet then great. You have done your homework, decided on a budget, chosen your Niche etc etc.

Let me explain:-

If you buy a car, are you just buying a car, NO !!, what you are buying is independence, freedom, being able to take your own route to work, avoid delays and roads works, leave the house a bit later, play your own music etc etc.

If you buy a lawn mower, are you just buying a lawn mower, NO !!, what you are buying is a beautifully manicured lawn.

Any woman will tell you that she doesn’t go to the same hairdresser all the time just because she wants her hair done properly. Of course she wants it done properly but she also goes to that person all the time because she has built up a special relationship with him or her. She has a friend, a confidant, someone she can trust and even if that hairdresser puts his or her prices up, the chances are that the customer will still go because she is not just getting her hair done, she is in her comfort zone whilst she is there.

My advice to anyone starting a home business or in fact any business especially if you are looking to make money on the Internet is to try and understand what it is that you are actually selling. Even with the best home business ideas you still have to convince people to sign up with your program so you should try to paint a picture in their minds of how this will benefit their lives.

Remember all the reasons you started yourself, missing the 9 – 5 grind, freedom from traffic jams, picking your own hours, more time with your family, in other words you are selling “RESULTS”.

In any sales environment you will here the expression ‘features and benefits’ so bear in mind when you are looking to sign up visitors to your program that you are no different.

In summary, always try and paint a picture, try and get into the world of the visitor and sell the “RESULTS” of joining your program and this strategy will attract the right people to your niche and improve your conversion rate.

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GT said...

Hi, Mal:

I like the picture you painted demonstrating the importance of knowing what you are selling. You have given some very clear explanations that make sense and set a good example of how to go about the process. Thanks!

:) GT Bulmer
Home Based Web Biz

Best Home Based Businesses said...

Hi Mal,

Good Post. To make sure what exactly your visitors want is the right way to offer the correct network solutions to them.

Once the visitors come to know that they get what they want on your site, they are more likely to visit your site again and again.