Saturday, July 04, 2009

Offer Exclusivity With Your Home Business Products

Some business's do not survive when times are tough although Internet business's operate with less overheads than an offline business does, they still can fail in a tough economy. One way to increase the odds of surviving regardless of the economy is to offer exclusivity in the products you sell.

Middle and lower income markets will be willing to spend a bit more if they feel they are getting something exclusive. It all comes down to pricing your product at the proper price point to still get the sale.

If you are running a home business then you need to know that products can offer exclusive appeal to people at different levels. For example people who value status will always spend money even in a bad economy.

Cars are a good example of this. We would all love to drive a BMW when in reality we can’t afford it. There is a status that is attached to driving a BMW when in reality the parts may not be all that different than other cars.

What BMW has done over the years is to create a class consciousness about the product that they sell. You can develop this same awareness for your own products or with an Internet Marketing home business idea. So how do you do that?

One way to do that is to tell all the exciting details about the product you're selling. If you want to make money with your home business idea maybe with affiliate marketing for example then you have an excellent opportunity to do this on a pre-sell page.

While everyone else is using the same replicated affiliate website to make money on the internet, you can start to create a feeling of exclusivity with your product by the way you present it on your webpage. Talk about what makes your product unique instead of what everyone else is offering.

Exclusive things are what become unique. Present your features in a way that makes them seem luxurious. Spend some time going into details that make your product special. The more people read the more they begin to believe what you're saying.

This is why you see long sales copy web pages. Copywriters know that what may seem boring to you after you read it several times is in fact fresh and exciting to a new website visitor.

People who are class consciousness love to hear why they should spend a little bit more for your product. In fact they will spend a little bit more than maybe what their budget allows because it makes them feel better. They know they are getting something exclusive from your home business compared to their peers.

The viral marketing on this strategy is through the roof. You will find that your conversion rate increases greatly when you deal from a position of exclusivity and class consciousness!

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C Boustany said...

A very ggod post with useful information
What I like mosr is the point about repeated information being fresh for someone new to IM
Sometimes we forget that what we see everyday and become cynical about is brand new to others


Michelle said...

You are right. Especially on the internet if you are selling affiliate products you need to be different from every other affiliate marketer. Showing how products can benefit your customer is also a very important point.

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