Friday, July 17, 2009

Get Your Partner Involved In Your Home Business

In the midst of domestic bliss comes along the curse of the Home Business Idea. Many households find it difficult to cope with the fact that the one and only PC is suddenly taken over by an Internet guru in the making. Partners suddenly spend less time together as the all out quest for success becomes all consuming and in some cases has caused a total breakdown of relationships.

Rather than causing friction and trying to justify the amount of time you're spending online, versus the income you receive, you may want to take another approach.

Many successful Internet Marketers involve their spouse in various ways in their home business. This can be difficult to do because not all people are interested in sitting in front of a computer and doing Internet marketing.

However there are a few simple things your spouse can do to help you out which would free up your time to do more effective things.

1. Have them add articles to your blog. You write the articles and let them submit them and bookmark it into the various social directories such as Onlywire.

You can also teach them how to add graphics or banners to liven your blog up a little bit.

2. Have your spouse surf traffic exchanges while they watch TV. You could even offer to pay them an hourly wage to do it for you.

You might even include an affiliate product or CPA offers specifically for them and add it to your list of websites you are promoting. They could make their own money that way.

3. Show them how to post comments on other blogs. If your spouse doesn't like to type purchase a speak and write software and let them just dictate their replies.

This is not hard to do and the rewards can be significant. You are creating relevant backlinks that serve as search engine bait as well as potential traffic from other readers of those blogs.

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Lian Vaiphei said...

Hi Mal,

Great tips!

Some of the things that increase backlinks and website traffic are actually easy and anyone can perform them. And, asking your partner will give you more time to do other things for your business.

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khaony said...

Hi Mal,
I've been struggled to get my partner to get involved when I first started internet business. But since I received the first check, then she offered to do one easy thing for me was surfing for traffic. That's still better than nothing and I hope she will do more in the future. Great post.

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