Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Try Social Bookmarking If You Are Serious About Blogging

If you are starting a home business and trying to make some money working from home then one thing that can improve your success is by blogging and the effectiveness of your blogging efforts can be improved by social bookmarking. However it is amazing how many bloggers skip this step because they do not think they have enough time to do it. If you're serious about blogging you should use social bookmarking even if it means reducing your blog posts to achieve this..

Placing the details of a blog post in an online social directory is a simple social bookmarking step which can pay dividends if you are trying to increase interest and links to your home business.. This allows people to read it and to even vote on it in some directories.

Blogging on a consistent basis is recommended and for some people that means adding a new blog article once a week which is perfectly okay as long as you consistently stick with that schedule. The key is not to let your blog lie dormant and lose any benefit you may already have established.

Making money on the Internet requires consistent effort so you can bookmark your post to as many relevant directories as you want. Most blogging platforms also allow you to add a social bookmarking plug-in which allows you to quickly bookmark to the most popular directories without wasting time. is one of many social bookmarking sites but is very effective as it allows you to bookmark your blog post to multiple directories with the click of your mouse so is highly recommended.

If you are starting or promoting an existing home business, it is worth the time it takes to join the various directories in services such as this. If you choose to target only a handful of directories I would suggest making sure you bookmark to Technorati and Digg.

Also when you bookmark your blog post be sure that you include the proper keywords as they relate to the article you have written and it is important that you write quality articles that the search engines will find relevant to your targeted keyword phrase.

To really maximize your blogging effort you should develop a targeted list of longtail keyword phrases and write your blog articles around those. Then be sure and tag each blog post for the specific longtail keyword phrase. When you bookmark your post include a short summary with that keyword phrase in it, and also include the tag phrases in the bookmark.

The real buzz with a home business idea is when you see the traffic that comes from doing this correctly and this is the true value of social bookmarking by your blogging efforts. This traffic will come to you in the form of visitors from the social directories as well as the benefits of ranking high with various search engines.

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