Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Super Fast Home Business Broadband Revolution

author: Mal Tindle

Those Internet Marketers who live in the USA or maybe France have enjoyed fast broadband for some time and running a home business can sometimes be very frustrating depending on where you live and what speeds you can get. In the UK it has been announced that £1.5 billion is to be spent on a new superfast fibre optic cable network. This will mean a potential speed of up to 100 megabits per second against a maximum of 8mb which is what most users can get now on the standard telephone network.

Most people already find that unless they are doing a lot of downloading that the standard service if fine but only if you are at the upper end of what is available and this is dictated usually by how far you are from the nearest telephone exchange. What this new speed will mean to say home workers is the ability to make high quality two way video calls via fibre optic wires instead of just the existing copper wires and users will be able to access films, tv or music via broadband connections in a fraction of the time.

If you have a home business now or have a home business idea for the future that includes any sort of downloading reliability, networking and business calls then the practicality of this service is that you can download a song in a second or a quality DVD film in less than 2 mins. It will take three years to install thousands of miles of cables and will involve huge disruption while roads are torn up to lay the cables.

The Office of Communications or Ofcom have announced that the existing national telephone network supplier British Telecom will take a lead role in this. Virgin who already have cable networks in place are planning to upgrade their service to 50mb and Ofcom will allow these companies to pass on the cost of these new speeds to consumers. The plan is to make this service available to approximately 40% of the population or 10 million homes by 2012.

At the moment over 7.6 million homes are subscribed to suppliers offering up to 8mb although in reality some homes can actually achieve only 2mb with the average being 3.6mb. So if you are one of those people who work at home already or have some home business idea then imagine this:- now it takes 4 hours 48mins to download a DVD quality film at say 2mb speed but with 100mb in the future this will take just 2mins but this will come at a cost.

Special cabinets will be installed in the street and the final run into each home will remain via the existing copper wires as it is felt that the reduction in speed will be nominal as the major speed increase will be via the new cables to the point of supply at the cabinets.

If you have a home business idea or are just using the internet for you own enjoyment then we are all in for exciting changes in our lives whether we work at home to make money on the internet or just for our own enjoyment via music or film downloads, online gaming around the world, controlling the operation of devices in our homes from our mobiles or just simply using our PC's more effectively and to save commuting to work.

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