Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Best Home Business Ideas-For All The Wrong Reasons

Author Name: Mal Tindle

So you want to work from home which is a great aspiration to have but you must ask yourself why. Many people give up a regular salary in order to pursue their dream and that is fine but you must do it for the right reasons and under the right conditions.


1) Give up your regular job and try to work from home because you hate your boss or your job or your workmates because the vast majority of the population have one or all of these emotions every day of the week but put up with them because of the security of a regular wage.

2) Give up and start a home business because you hate driving to work or you hate public transport, tell me someone who enjoys being stuck in traffic jams or enjoys being treated like cattle on public transport or the tube, we can tolerate this even though we don't like it.

3) Give up because you want to stay at home every day and not have to bother getting dressed. Working from home can be very insular and many people miss the day to day contact with others so being able to slum around the house will have a detrimental effect on your home business because your attitude must be organised and professional just as if you were at your regular job.

If you have a Home Business Idea then start it for these reasons:-

1) You have done your research and due diligence on the market you are interested in and can see a need for your services.

2) You can make enough money from the business to pay your bills even if there is a dip in the business during the first two or three years while you are building your client base, if not then can you do this part time to begin with?

3) You enjoy being your own boss, you are self motivated , organised and willing to work as many hours as necessary to be successful with your home based business.

4) You have a business plan for short and long term success and have a clear understanding in your own mind of where you want you home business to be over the next 5 or 10 years.

5) You have the funds to start a home business because you have to have an allocated work area or spare room, a PC, a dedicated telephone number, office furniture, stationary and broadband internet access to promote your business. Your heating and electricity bills will naturally rise particularly in the winter because you are at home all day.

If you can satisfy all the do's then the dont's will all be bonuses that you can enjoy after you have planned your home based business properly and can enjoy working from home.

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