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Are You Fit To Run A Home Business

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The title of this article has nothing to do with a person's integrity but more to do with the planning and preparation required to run a home business. Many people are so eager to earn what they think is easy money or quick cash that in their haste they forget to carry out some basic preparations to work from home effectively.

Your Premises

You need to have a designated room in your home for your business which is going to be a place of work just like any other and as such should be suitable for purpose and free from distraction. It can be difficult to persuade friends and family that you must not be disturbed when you are in your office but this is essential if you are to concentrate on working from home.

Your Equipment

It may sound ancient now but in reality, any operating system at or above Windows 98 SE is suitable for Broadband connection which is preferred for an Internet Home Business for speed of operation but if you are working on a tight budget then you can use Dial Up internet which is a lot slower but will get you there. Unfortunately a lot of providers have phased out Dial Up all together but shop around, not for the cheapest but for the most reliable Internet Service Provider (ISP) for your money as well as good tech support should you need it. This is your most important investment as without it you have no business to run. If you are working internationally then a Skype account will enable you to make PC to PC telephone calls over the internet at zero cost in most cases.

Health and Safety

This is often overlooked when working from home but is just as important because you are going to be spending one third of your life sitting in front of you PC.. Take a break away from your screen every two to three hours to avoid Display Screen Equipment (DSE) eye strain. Invest in a comfortable chair (don't scrimp on this), it should have adjustable back and arm rests and height adjustment. One of the most common causes of musculoskeletal injuries and repetitive strain injuries is as a result of bad posture. Your back should be supported and you should be able to sit comfortably without crouching forward, your forearms should be horizontal on the desk in front of you as a lot of wrist strain problems are caused by bending your wrists up or down when using the keyboard. A foot rest is also recommended.


You don't have to be an expert with your PC to run a Internet Home Business but some basic knowledge is essential which can be gained from local schools or colleges perhaps at evening classes for little or no charge. As a basic level, you should be able to use a word processor to write articles, be able to copy and paste, send and receive emails with attachments, name and store information files and a database of clients etc.

Getting Started

Once you have researched the best home business ideas and decided on your niche market and have put these things in place then you are able to promote your business with confidence. You will be able to project a professional image and no-one will ever need to know or suspect that you are working from home which in many ways can be even better because you are in control of all aspects of your business.

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