Monday, October 27, 2008

Work From Home With Remote Access

One of the greatest joys of being able to work from home with your own business is not actually having to be at home because technology now anables you to work from anywhere. If you have a laptop you can put in a hard days work at the local coffee shop, on a train ride across the country or during a long vacation to visit family or friends. Of course, that is providing that you have remote access to your home PC where the majority of your business information will be stored.

Many people who otherwise work from home rely on their nifty portable drives to save them in a pinch. For the most part, these drives are handy and may make life easier. However, they will not be able to hold everything that you need when conducting business away from home. You just never know which file you are going to have to pull up. The best way to stay on top of availability of information issues is to have remote access to your home computer.

Home based business owners are responsible for every aspect of their business. This is a tall order. Take some of the pressure off by having all of the files you may need available at a moment’s notice. Having real time access to files that exist on your home computer is one of the best advancements for home based business owners. This nifty trick is referred to as Remote Access thin client applications. This means that this process does not take up a large amount of space or use a lot of power from your home computer. To work from home but with remote access, this is received through a series of screenshots of fat applications from your home computer. The information is transferred over the Internet and on to your laptop. Whatever applications or files you use you will be able to carry out the duties on your laptop. The information is then transferred over the Internet and back to the laptop.

This technology has been integrated into a number of web applications. Programs such as Outlook WebAccess run on this principle. If you ever have to fill out timesheets they too are being transferred over remote access. These applications are all taking advantage of thin client applications.

While having work from home remote access to your home computer will cost you a little, the fee is minimal--especially for the type of access that you will have. Being able to get to the information that you need no matter where you are is priceless. You will be able to travel without worrying about not be able to get to the files your need. In a matter of seconds you will be able to get a screenshot of information.

Remote access is essential for home based business owners. You will not always be at home when you are conducting business. Opportunities could knock when you least expect them to and you want to be prepared. Get remote access and you will be able to take your business with you anywhere you go. This convenience is a worthwhile business investment for a lot less than you may think.

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