Monday, August 18, 2008

What Inspires You ?

Staying up late watching the Olympics ( sorry I know I should be working but it's only every four years) I am inspired by these wonderful young people from all over the world trying their very best even when their best may not be enough to reach that dream of a medal and even when all appears lost they don’t quit. They enjoy the love and support of their friends, teamates and family and anything is possible.Many of the qualities on show are what we strive for in our daily life, the will to win, determination, guts, team spirit, friendship, organisation, discipline and many others.

The great expectancy of youth and life reaching out ahead may have passed some of us by now but as I look down at my middle aged spread I still have targets but different ones.Mine are now success in business which is where Internet Marketing draws on all the above and the life experiences we have had to get to where we are now.

I may not run marathons now (yes I used to) and no longer live for sport, I still cycle and occasionally run or go to the gym so my expectations of super fitness are not as great as they once were but I still enjoy the feeling of at least being in reasonable shape because your mind is sharper when you are fit.

So whatever it is you are doing or intend to do, I hope you are inspired by someone or something because life is a marathon not a sprint and we should enjoy it to the full no matter where we are in the race or where we are in life’s great adventure.

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