Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Work From Home Business Mentoring Programs

Investing In Business Mentoring Programs Is a Smart Choice

Even successful companies are now entering the marketplace with someone holding their corporate hands. Interestingly, instead of relying on a consultant or even senior advisor, many a company is looking to business mentoring programs. What in the past was largely seen as a wasteful expenditure, is now becoming the new gospel of prosperity on a small scale, and savvy business owners realize that what consultants failed to develop – namely the human aspect of the business relationship – those participating in business mentoring programs are much more apt to deliver.

Granted, even as investing in business mentoring programs is a smart choice for the up and coming business, it is not a magic bullet that can keep a mismanaged or perhaps superfluous trade or business afloat. On the other hand, with proper mentoring, an existing company has been known to change course quickly and by far much more easily than could ever be accomplished by a business owner all by themselves. Even if the company is bigger and there are more than one owner or maybe even a board of directors, the failure to change course rapidly is ingrained in the mindset of a business and it is credited to various business mentoring programs that showcase successful business transitions and thus keep a company in the black rather than gradually sliding into the red.

At this point in time, business mentoring programs may be more universal in that they address the company as a whole and therefore focus on advertising and merchandising as much as they keep a close eye on the human resources aspect of the business. In other cases, business mentoring programs may be custom tailored to hone in on one aspect only, such as human resources or compliance with local authorities, and therefore the approach of the mentor and the nature of the mentee will be entirely different. The dynamics of the business relationship are entirely up to the business owner and it is the wise entrepreneur who will capitalize on this resource to the largest extent possible.

It is hard to guess which approach will work best for your company. If you own a small to midsized company a universal approach most likely is your best bet since it permits for a general treatment of the business and sine it offers unique insight into the daily workings of the business and the interactions of the entrepreneur to the mentor. On the other hand, for a mentor to come up to speed in a large organization will be an overwhelming and thus it makes a lot more sense to opt for a parceled approach. A lot of the scope and definition of the relationship is up for discussion and the mentor and mentee will be wise to discuss ahead of time what they are hoping to accomplish and what they believe they are able to bring to the table of the business relationship. The best relationships will be those with a certain level of fluidity and a lack of rigor; contact a mentor today to see what you may be able to glean for your very own business!

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GT said...

Hi, Mal:

Great post! Mentoring is probably one of the most valuable aspects of success a person or a business can invest in.

It can certainly speed up the process of development and success. I know I have benefited from the oaching of my own mentors.

Thanks for the article explaining all about business mentoring programs.

GT Bulmer