Monday, June 23, 2008

Home Business Mentor Programs

Why Home Business Mentor Programs Are So Successful

If you are looking into business mentor programs, you know that you need help. Maybe everything is going well in your business but you are ready to get to that next level and you know that this can only be achieved with the help of a professional mentor or one of the business mentor programs you see advertised online. On the other hand, you might be wondering why your Home Business has not taken off the way you anticipated and there might actually even be indications that your bottom line is beginning to slip. In such cases it is wise to fully anticipate that your mentor could have some words of criticism. Interestingly, paid business mentor programs are populated by individuals who have a knack for speaking with a business professional in a peer to peer manner rather than a commanding or order issuing style, and many new small business mentees attribute their success to the approach taken by their mentors.

Home Business mentor programs are unique in that they forego the role of the advisor who might offer a laundry list of should and should not statements – even if they are right on the money – and instead truly focus on the mentor as a guide who will lead you to a point of self examination and thus will help you to rethink your approach rather than doing the thinking for you. Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, even those who might attempt to coach will taste defeat. Mentoring is a unique approach that cannot make do with a hierarchical attitude anymore and instead relies most heavily on the rapport building and the gentle and sometimes time consuming task of getting the mentee to think in a new direction.

Sure, you might get more immediate bangs for your bucks from your Home Business mentor programs if the mentors would just tell you what to do, but in the long run this failure to expand the horizon of the mentee will lead to only short term success and only limited applicability of the lessons learned. While the long way round may in the aftermath seem like a rather time consuming process, the fact that you will learn a lot during the journey is indeed the most worthwhile component of hiring a professional outfit to take on the role as business mentor.

When it comes to building successful Home Business mentoring programs, the facilitators will look long and hard for professionals who refrain from lecturing or mentees who are simply interested in the end result. Instead, the perfect pairing is of those who see the process as a means to success and as such do not mind undergoing it at the rate that their preconceived notions, current business acumen, and at times also lack of overall business savvy dictate. The personal growth that will be yours is most valuable and the fact that this very growth is the reason why so many business mentor programs are so successful cannot be denied. Check out programs in your area today and get on your way!

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Bill Shultz said...


when people first start a business online they should get a mentor. Without one they will be left out in the cold and not know what to do!

Nice post,
Bill Shultz

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GT said...

Hi, Malcolm:

Mentoring programs can truly help to put a person on a faster track to home business success. Thanks for highlighting this valuable resource that home bsiness enthusiasts should consider tapping into.

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