Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Do Free Home Business Leads Exist?

While there are websites that offer paid memberships leads, this article will help you find as many free home business leads possible. Whether you’re a business owner and you’re searching for work-from-home employees or you’re a company that’s offering insider information on home businesses, you need a contact list. You need to find people who are interested in home businesses. You can just blindly send out a mass e-mail advertisement but you will not make very much profit doing that.
If you use an internet search engine, you will find dozens of websites for home business leads. Leads typically give the contact information for someone who has signed up to receive information regarding specific opportunities or services. Home business leads can be acquired by phone, e-mail, surveys, or conventions. Oftentimes, people go on a website and they fill out a form requesting information regarding home businesses. There are even services that allow you to directly receive the leads when a person submits the form. Other times, the leads are sent to a company and then sent to you. Leads are profitable investments because they give you a list of people who are interested in what you’re offering.
Most companies that provide home business leads charge per lead. If you’re buying a mass amount, companies may offer a flat fee. E-mail leads are different because instead of charging per lead, they charge for the specific number of leads that you order. Print and e-mail leads are both great ways to publicize your business. If you buy a membership on a website for a certain amount of leads they will oftentimes provide you with a number of free home business leads as well.
Even if businesses don’t offer free home business leads, they oftentimes have inexpensive starter prices. Some companies will reimburse you for bad leads and some just give you a certain percent of more leads than you ordered because of the inevitable bad leads. Either way, companies make it so that you won’t lose money because of bad leads. A lead is considered to be bad if it has a disconnected number, a wrong number, or is incentivized.
Most people are not familiar with incentivized leads. This is when someone has filled out a lead because they were promised some sort of incentive; for example, they were promised an entry in a sweepstakes, or a free gift card, and so on. Leads should not be incentivized and you should inform the company right away if you come across these.
Free home business leads come few and far between but sometimes there are unique opportunities and offers going on. Don’t focus so much on finding free leads but look for companies that offer a lot of leads for your money.

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GT said...

Hi, Mal:

Thanks for the great info and insight into leads for Internet mareting and home business. Lots of good advice for those in the market to build a home-based business.

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Tanny said...

Hi Mal,
Nice post, free leads are good only if you get them yourself, and if you buy only but good quality and targetd leads.

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