Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Truth About Free Home Business Traffic


Do you want to know the truth about free home business traffic? If so, then read this, as it will teach you how to generate more free traffic to your home business site.
The truth about free home business traffic is that it is available in more ways that you would think. The following are only a few examples:

From Posting on Forums, Blogs, and Friend Sites:

One of the most amazing truths about free home business traffic is the countless opportunities for word-of-mouth advertisement. From MySpace, to Yahoo Groups, to MSN Spaces you have plenty of opportunity to get involved in community. You can post on forums, blogs, and other social sites.
Many of these interactive sites allow you to place a link with your signature as long as it is not an affiliate link, but a link to your own website. Some of the sites may even allow you to post affiliate links, but be careful about that and read the site's guidelines before doing so.
No matter how you look at it this will always be a necessary form of advertisement. Both small business and large corporations use this technique.

From Offering Free and Reduced Price e-Books:

You can offer free and reduced price e-books on shopping sites. One of the most popular is eBay, which is free to join and costs users very little money to use. You can post an auction listing for a free e-book, or perhaps for one that only costs 99 cents.
This is a very effective way to attract new visitors. The reason why is because e-books provide opportunity for you to leave contact information with e-Bay buyers who download these books.

From Writing Informative and Useful Website Content:

Information, information, and more information is the core of truth about free home business traffic. Without the provision of useful tools and resources on your sites or directed to your sites no one will ever find you.
Conversely, the more useful and informative your website is the more people will want to come back. They will remember "oh yeah, I read that on...(name of your site)." Then they will refer your free informative articles to others who will also visit your site and possibly become one of your customers.

From Processing Free Press Releases

All this is is simply writing a short news summary about your business. You post it on websites that allow you to do so for free, and you also post locally in your area if you can to news and radio stations. The more newsworthy the information is the better press coverage you will receive-and more of it too.

From using the Right Keywords

You know about Google right? It's the largest search engine out there. If you can find a balance between placing popular keywords that do not have astronomical pages of search results it will benefit you.
This is typically called niche marketing, as a large share of people may search for the keyword but not that many website URLs are competing for those words. If not many other search results are on the list guess who is nearest the top-you!
Take advantage of this whenever you can. This is actually one of the most important truths about free home business traffic.
Another truth about free home business traffic is this: if you do not promote your blogs, forums, websites, or other media that describes your business no one will know about you. The cold, hard fact is you cannot just put your domain up and expect people or search engines to find you immediately.
You need to get out there and make sure you put your business name anywhere you can. Also, provide a profile of your self so people know a little about your company.

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