Tuesday, May 13, 2008

No Such Thing As A Free Home Based Business Opportunity ?

There is no such thing as a free home based business opportunity.  Let's face it, everything costs money—initially!  While at the beginning you're going to inevitably spend money, you can plan your business to make sure that you get every cent back and much more.  Chances are if you're starting a home business, you're doing just that: starting.  Eventually, every entrepreneur wants their business to expand.  Thus, you need to find the best sources for capital expansion.
First of all, just because you are working from home does not mean that banks will not take you seriously.  In fact, they will treat you just like any other business owners.  Neither banks nor investors care where you run your business as long as you make money.  Generally, banks will ask to see the typical tax returns and customer payables.  This is the same whether you're working for a huge corporation or your own home based business.  Surprisingly, investors are usually very open to home based businesses.  As a business person, it's a wise choice for them to invest while you're a startup business because they will benefit from your expansion as well.
Before you go to an outside source, however, you should use your own savings and extra finances.  If you are not even going to invest money in your business then why would anyone else?  You need to be the foundation.  Obviously, don't send your family out on the street in order to raise money for your business but you can use cash, stocks, and home equity.  You can also take out a credit line.  Of course, you have to be a viable candidate for a credit line before anyone is going to give one to you.  This is easy to do if your business has been doing well for a number of years but it's more difficult if you're just starting up.
When you're just starting out, you can also put costs on a card.  While banks require you to be more established before they will give you a loan, you can instantly use a credit card.  You need to be approved but if you have good personal credit, that should not be a problem.  Credit cards often offer really great introductory rates.  Sometimes, there is no interest for the first six months or even a year.  Don't let these great rates fool you, though.  If you're making big purchases for your business then it is going to take longer than that to pay off.  Eventually, the interest is going to rise and you're going to have to pay regular rates.  This can drain your bank!  Beware and make sure that you have adequate financial planning before you max out your card.
Although you won't find a free home based business opportunity, if you play your cards right, you will have sufficient funds to get started.  Just make sure not to get sucked into scams and plan your finances.
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