Monday, April 28, 2008

Why Affiliate Programs Are So Popular

In the search for a work at home job or a home business a person is going to run into something called affiliate programs.  Affiliate programs are very popular and they can also be a very profitable and successful choice.  Understanding them is important, though, before getting involved with one.
One of the first things a person needs to know about affiliate programs is the difference between them and a pyramid scheme.  The two are very familiar, but there is a key difference.  The difference is that with an affiliate program there are products or services being sold.  In a pyramid scheme no products or services are sold.  The reason these two can be confused is that both involve recruiting others in order to earn income.  However, with an affiliate program recruiting is only part of the income.  Selling products is another way to earn income and recruiting others is not even mandatory to earning money.
The basic idea of an affiliate program is that it starts with a company that is selling something.  This company decides to find people who will sell their products or services for them.  The company recruits these people, called affiliates, to sell their products and earn a commission for each product they sell.  Usually the company will supply the affiliate with a website and all the tools they need to get started.  The affiliate's job then becomes advertising their website and selling the products from their website so they earn a commission.
In addition to selling the products or services, an affiliate is encouraged to get others to sign up for the program.  When an affiliate gets others to sign up for the program they then earn money on that affiliates sales.  When those new affiliates' sign up people, the original affiliate earns money form them too.  It keeps going like that so that a person can earn money on people who sign up many levels beneath them.  This is the real money making area of an affiliate program, however, the bottom line is that if nobody sells anything then no money is made.  A person can not earn money simply by signing up people if nobody is selling anything.
Affiliate programs are so popular because they are easy to get into.  Most companies have well established programs that make getting started simple.  Additionally, the earning potential is quite huge if a person really puts effort in to sales and recruiting new affiliates.  With an affiliate program a person is really in control of how much they earn.  It is a great idea for someone who is interested in a home business without all the start up work.
The keys to being really successful with an affiliate program are to choose the program wisely and then use it wisely.  This means choosing to be part of an affiliate program with good products and a good reputation.  It also means selling products and recruiting with effort given to each.  Affiliate programs may be the thing you are looking for when it comes to a home business that is going to be inexpensive to start up and has a very good success potential. 

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