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The Five Biggest Challenges To Working At Home Success

To be a successful Home Worker is not simple and the vast majority of people will fully understand and accept that Working at Home is not a walk in the park. What they may not readily understand however are the things that make it such a challenge.  I have outlined here the five things I consider to be the biggest challenges to being a success as a home worker.  These challenges will not stop a person from working at home but can cause a lot of problems and ruin any chance for making it in the work at home environment.
Challenge #1
Working from home can give a wonderful feeling of freedom but that also means being able to manage time efficiently is very important.  Lack of attention to this means that time can very easily slip away and you can't get it back.  Effective time management means that you are able to correctly estimate how long a task or job will take and allot enough time to get it done.  To keep time from being a challenge a home worker should develop a schedule which balances both work and free time.
Challenge #2
You may find that your family and friends do not take working at home seriously which can lead to problems with boundaries.  It can be hard to tell someone 'I am working and don't want to be disturbed' and actually get them to understand and accept it and allow you the space to work effectively.  To help with these issues a person should set up a work at home area that is specifically for work and make sure as best as you can that this area will not be disturbed.  When you are in the work area no personal phones calls or interruptions should be allowed.
Challenge #3
Working at home is about freedom, but being too independent can lead to problems.  Everyone needs interaction with others so make time in your day for this and get away from the work area even if just for a short break as this is very important.  Working from home should not mean becoming a recluse and you should discipline yourself to make sure this doesn't happen.  One of the perks of working outside the home is interacting with other people.  When a person works at home it can be easy to withdraw into your own world and forget about everyone else so remember that the outside world is important.  Networking is also a huge part of working at home success, because a person who works at home should find some type of online environment to belong to and be able to escape to during the work day just to relax.
Challenge #4
Being out of the loop means not staying informed and this can be a side effect of working from home.  Try to stay informed and know what is going on in the industry in which you are working.  Online groups and other communities are a great way to do this and will keep you informed
Challenge #5
As mentioned earlier, family and friends may not always understand and may not be supportive.  It is common for them not to believe a person is really working and that they are just messing about at home.  The way to combat this is to show them what is going on. Take time to show them what you do, how much money you make and make it clear that you take this seriously and that this is a real job.
The five challenges above will be an issue for almost everyone who works at home but they are challenges that can be overcome with the right approach and mustn't lead to a person giving up on working at home.  Challenges when overcome will just make you a better worker and they will teach you important skills that you will need to survive in the work at home environment.
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