Monday, April 14, 2008

5 Work at Home Myths and Misconceptions

When it comes to working at home there are many myths and misconceptions out there.  Many times these myths and misconceptions make people decide against working at home. They also can be harmful because they lead people to believe that working at home is something that it is not.   A lot of the time people believe these things without even finding out if they are true or legitimate.  It is important for a person who is interested in working at home to figure out fact from fiction.
The following are the top myths and misconceptions that a person may run into when looking into working at home:
1. Working at home means complete freedom.  This is not completely true.  While it has some truth to it is also a little misleading.  The idea that a person is completely free when working at home does not make a lot of sense.  The reason it is called working at home is because it involves work.  If a person were truly free they would not have any work to do.  So, working at home does give a person freedom, but at the same time it is still important to remember there is also time that must go into working.
2. Working at home works for everyone.  This is completely not true.  Working at home is not for everyone.  It requires a lot of commitment, dedication, professionalism and organization.  A person has to be able to commit to the work and get it done.  Not everyone works well independently and on their own.  Some people simply need direction and need someone to keep them going.  For people like that working at home is not the best option.
3. Working at home is easy.  This may come from the fact that working at home has many perks, but that does not mean it is easy.  A person is still working and still has responsibilities.  Working at home is like any other job.  It is important that people understand working at home can sometimes be more demanding then working outside the home, but the payoffs are often what make it worth it.
4. There are no "real" work at home jobs.  This is very wrong.  Many people focus in on the scams and think that is what working at home is about.  The truth is that there are many people out there working at home and making more then they ever could in a job outside the home.  Many people are raising a family on their work at home job.  There are many real work at home jobs, but it does take determination and work to find the good ones where the real potential is found.
These four myths and misconceptions can lead to real problems for people who believe them.  Working at home is a wonderful opportunity that should not be missed simply due to believing things like this.  A person should find out the truth before they give up completely on working at home.
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