Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mini Sites and Blogs

A question was asked on a forum about mini-sites and blogs. The question was should you create a mini blog for each affiliate product. The answer was ‘no.”, the idea is to create a blog for each market segment. Now, I went back and read the Allen Says Manifesto in the Warrior Forum and I quote: “STEP 5: Now you start creating your mini sites or blogs with email capture forms on them." The affiliate products are mainly promoted in the autoresponder series that you will be sending out to the folks that sign up via your email capture forms.

Lots of sites mean more chances to get people to sign up to your autoresponder so you can send them emails with products to check out (with your affiliate link).

There are many ways to do this system. How many autoresponder series you use, how you build your sites, how you design ‘thank you’ pages and many other parts of the system can be personalized for your preferences.

Each part of the system has it's own little learning curve but nothing too difficult here and like anything else on the Internet, just needs experimentation and learning as you go.

Try to establish a friendly relationship and tone in your emails. I also think it’s good to get them used to the idea that you make product suggestions in every email right from the beginning.

Make sure that you are making offers that are what they want and need. If they are depressed for example then they need to know about natural depression remedies that really work. Don't try to sell them stuff they don't want or don't know they want.

Hope this helps. Just keep reading and learning. It takes everyone time to learn these things and then there is always more we all have to learn.

If you were to learn just this system and focus on only doing this you would be way ahead of 90% that can't focus and never get anything accomplished.

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